Weapons Charges Defense Lawyer

Weapons Charges Attorney in Pittsburgh AreaIn many cases, weapons charges accompany other charges, like assault or drug charges. But, the addition of weapons charges to any other offense only heightens the severity of potential consequences. In criminal weapons cases, legal issues are key and probable cause, search warrants, pat-downs, coerced consent and Miranda rights must be examined.

Pittsburgh area criminal defense attorney Steven Valsamidis has successfully represented clients facing criminal weapons charges from across Beaver, Allegheny, Butler, Lawrence and surrounding counties for over a decade. You won’t find him broadcasting his trial record here, because he respects those clients and how their trials have affected their personal and professional lives. However, he is happy to openly discuss his real-trial experience and case results with potential clients.

If you’re facing criminal weapons charges, contact Steven Valsamidis for a free, professional consultation of your case today.